Krish Kandiah says God is Stranger

I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this talk with Krish Kandiah next month.  It’s being held in the chapter house at Gloucester cathedral so it’s going to be a fantastic setting as well.  The blurb says ” explore the times where God shows up unannounced, unrecognised and uninvited, and where His ways are strange to us”.  It sounds great, but also challenging.

Krish Kandiah Gloucester

During Lent, Dr Tim Davy from Redcliffe College and Gloucester, came to speak at one of a series of Lent Lectures organised by our church for local Christians.  He spoke of the plight of unaccompanied minors and refugees, urging us to respond as Christ would.  Dr Tim is involved with Gloucestershire Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers and their work will also be discussed during the evening.

If you’d like to go then please register your interest at

The following week, on the 26th, Elaine Storkey is discussing Gender based violence – I’m hoping to get along to this talk as well.  Maybe I’ll see you there?


International Widows Day – pray for Nepal

Today is International Widows Day.  The charity I run, Women Without Roofs, in Nepal would really appreciate your prayers for the many widows we support.  Not all widows are old, some have lost their husbands due to illness and accidents while they were young.  These women face a huge challenge as they struggle on their own to take care of their families and are simultaneously ostracised because they are widows and are perceived to be ‘bad luck’.

Thanks for your prayers.

A punch in the stomach

Yesterday I read this very short story by Peter Rollins that felt to me like a punch in the stomach.  It has been on my mind ever since; and today I received an e-mail from Tearfund asking me to take action to end food waste by e-mailing my supermarket.  Outrageously, one-third of food grown is never eaten.

The story and the campaign tie together in a powerful way.  Please read the story and click on the link below to take action.  Thank you.

feeding of 5000

Jesus and the Five Thousand
(A First-World translation by Peter Rollins)
Jesus withdrew privately by boat to a
solitary place, but the crowds continued to
follow him. Evening was now approaching and
the people, many of whom had traveled a great
distance, were growing hungry.
Seeing this, Jesus sent his disciples out to gather
food, but all they could find were five loaves of
bread and two fishes. Then Jesus asked that they
go out again and gather up the provisions that the
crowds had brought to sustain them in their travels.
Once this was accomplished, a vast mountain of
fish and bread stood before Jesus. Upon seeing this
he directed the people to sit down on the grass.
Standing before the food and looking up to
heaven, he gave thanks to God and broke the
bread. Then he passed the food among his twelve
disciples. Jesus and his friends ate like kings in
full view of the starving people. But what was
truly amazing, what was miraculous about this
meal, was that when they had finished the massive
banquet there were not even enough crumbs left
to fill a starving person’s hand.

Please click here to take action with Tearfund