Why am I doing this? The questions I would like answered.

So, why am I writing this blog?  There are a few questions I want to discuss out loud and in public in the hope that maybe some others are wondering the same things and have some wisdom to share.

I am British and live in the US right now.  At a recent dinner at my house my husband and I had invited two other couples.  One of the other couples was British and non-Christian, the other was American and Christian.

Throughout the evening the American Christian couple made endless comments that I disagreed with, they showed contempt for any efforts I made to save the planet and were pro-guns.  They hated Obama and assumed I as a Christian would too.

On the other hand, the non-Christian British couple were anti-gun, took steps to reduce their carbon footprint and thought Obama great.  In short, we had far more in common with our non-Christian fellow Brits than the American Christians.

So my question is not who is wrong or right, but rather why do Christians from not so different cultures differ so much?  How have we come to such polar opposite conclusions about important matters?  Does culture hold more sway over us than our faith?  Shouldn’t it be the other way round?

These questions and others are what I wish to write about in this blog – in short, the intersection of culture and faith and the impact it has on us.


Stealing ideas

In looking for layout inspiration and ideas for this blog I came across a friend’s blog.  He has an amazing way with words and in describing the feelings a Christian gets when following God he uses the term ‘faith endorphins’.  I love this phrase!  Just like exercising, following God isn’t always easy, but when we act in faith we receive a good dose of feel good faith endorphins.  I want more of them.

I’m conscious too, that those who leave the West to fight with ISIS in the Middle East are seeking those faith endorphins too.  They want to make their lives count for something, but are sadly seeking it in the wrong way.  I wish we Christians could better explain that following God is amazing and those endorphins can be felt by anyone who steps out in faith to follow Him.