Passing on the shawl

One of the women that Women Without Roofs supports in Nepal, called Durga, makes beautiful shawls.  She started this work because the women we support have formed a cooperative and make loans to each other.  Her success has prompted three other women to seek to be trained by her and so this week she spent three days of her precious time patiently teaching them how to make shawls.  With just one spinning wheel between them it took time and perseverance.

It is fantastic to see Durga flourish through teaching them, and for the other women they now have a new skill to help them become independent.  Everyone at WWR is delighted.


Huge congratulations to Women Without Roofs class of 2017

Five children of women that Women Without Roofs -Nepal supports have just passed their School Leaving Certificate exams with flying colours!

Jamuna’s son – B+
Rabina’s daughter Kabita – B+
Mina’s daughter- A
Hasta kumari’s son- B
Sarita Palpali’s son  – A
Congratulations to them all!
These are some the children WWR supports by paying school fees, not the particular children that have just passed their exams!

International Widows Day – pray for Nepal

Today is International Widows Day.  The charity I run, Women Without Roofs, in Nepal would really appreciate your prayers for the many widows we support.  Not all widows are old, some have lost their husbands due to illness and accidents while they were young.  These women face a huge challenge as they struggle on their own to take care of their families and are simultaneously ostracised because they are widows and are perceived to be ‘bad luck’.

Thanks for your prayers.

Like if you want, but please sign

For the last couple of months the charity I run, Women Without Roofs, has been asking people to sign a petition calling on the Government of Nepal to do a lot more to help its citizens with mental health problems.  We have had a huge response from people on Facebook, nearly 2,000 people say they like the petition, but only a little over a hundred have actually clicked on the petition link to sign it.

So, with the aim of garnering some more signatures I am posting this, and will add some relevant tags in the hope of picking up some more signatures.

Please sign the petition here and like and share it too if you can.  Thank you!